V86/ multi jackpot (Wednesday): Hemisphere on the right way again

Plenty of speed and very talented.
But this year hasn't quite gone the way the connections had hoped for. Fredrik Linder thinks that Hemisphere is on his way back big time.
"I think he should beat these horses considering the amount of talent he has".

After having started his racing career for Marcus Melander in the United States, Hempishere arrived to Sweden and to the Fredrik Linder stable last year. That resulted in five wins in nine starts as a three-year-old. This year however, the fast four-year-old hasn't gotten the right bounces. 
After having made breaks in several starts, 11 Hemisphere (V86-4) showed his class when he won by six lenghts, two starts ago at Bollnäs. But when the horse returned to the same track in his most recent start, he had some trouble along the way. 
"I think he has found his right self again even if his last start was a minor setback. He made two short breaks along the way which cost him maybe 60 meters. And when I made a move with 1,200 meters to go, Örjan's horse made a break and then my horse made another little break again. He closed very fast, I had 1:07-speed the last 300 meters on my stopwatch" trainer Fredrik Linder says and also adds:
"He's got plenty of speed and I think he is more stable now after having been a bit weak for a couple starts, following a tough seasonal debut". 
First time in volt start
When Hemisphere enters the Solvalla track on Wednesday as V86 Super Days culminates, he makes is 20th lifetime start. It is also his first time in volt start. That is nothing the trainer worries about, even with the horse's breaking history this year. 
"This is his first time in volt start, so I'm happy to see that he drew a good post position. He can make a bigger turn and trot away on the outside, from post seven. It would have been way worse starting from post four or five and having to make a smaller turn. It's not about trying to get him to the lead early anyway. Örjan Kihlström has driven him once before and he liked him then".
 It sound like you think he has good chances of winning?
"I'm always cockier when I don't drive myself. but I think he should beat these horses considering the amount of talent he has. He has trained very well after his last start, tough training in the uphill and his heart rate has really dropped lately, so he has absorbed the uphill training well. I have to be optimistic. He will race barefoot and with a blind brilde, just like he did in his last start".