V86®: Outclassed the competition in his last start - "He is even better now"

In his last start he showed top form when he outclassed the competition.
The conditions are right for Wrecking Ball this time and he is the dark horse on V86.
"He is quick out of the gate and I'm gunning for the lead. He should have a good chance, because he feels even better now" says trainer Riccardo Bianchi.

The Halmstad licensed trainer only has 13 horses in his care but he improves his numbers every year. He has already suprpassed last year's numbers in both wins and earnings (over SEK 1.2 million). 
"I only have eight race horses and the rest are younger You have to look at what you have to work with and I think we have done pretty well with what we have. We are stabled at the Halmstad racetrack in Jerry Riordan's old barn which we took over after he bought Stefan Persson's barn" says Riccardo. 

"Has nice qualities and a good attitude"
V86 this Wednesday is being held at Jägersro and Solvalla. Riccardo Bianchi has two starters at the Malmö track and he believes a lot in one of them. That horse is Wrecking Ball who is racing in V86-5 and has post position six behind the gate. The horse is in top form and he outclassed the competition in his last start at Jägersro. He was sitting in a loose pocket behind a runaway on the front end. Wrecking Ball stepped out in time and trotted right by the leader to win easily. 
"6 Wrecking Ball (V86-5) was very good in his last start and won very easily. He's a good horse when he's healthy but he has had some soundness issues in his front legs. He has some nice qualities and a good attitude" says Riccardo Bianchi. 
"I trained him last weekend and he actually feels better now than what he did before his last start. We had treated him in a knee before that start and he feels even better now". 

"I will leave as fast as he can to get to the front"
What do you think of the task ahead here on V86, can he make it two in a row?
"I hope and think so. He is very quick out of the gate and I will leave as fast as he can to get to the front. It's much easier to win from that position and I have to believe he's got a good chance here. This horse has never let me down" says Riccardo Bianchi. 
"He raced barefoot upfront in his last start but this time he will go with aluminum shoes, but that shouln't make much of a difference, I think. He has raced that way before and won in 1:15.9 on the long distance with shoes". 
"I've had pullouts on him for the last two starts but never had them pulled so there's an extra gear to use". 
You have one more starter on V86, Bellmondo in the seventh leg. What are his chances?
"1 Bellmondo (V86-7) likes the long distance since he's a strong horse and not that quick. He does not leave fast but he will get a good position from his inside post and he will get a nice trip from there. He's in tough and I'm happy if he gets a good check here. He could possibly end up top three. I believe a lot more in Wrecking Ball" says Bianchi.