V86®: Perfectly matched Elephant on V86®

Perfectly matched.
Steen Juul is happy with his winning machine.
"He was completely unused last time".

Danish top trainer Steen Juul makes the trip across the bridge to race one horse on V86® at Jägersro. V86 this week is split between the track in Malmö and Solvalla in Stockholm. 
Steen Jull trains 50 horses and one of the horses with the best attitude is the four year old stud horse Elephant who has a win percent of 41 and has finished top three in 16 of his 17 career starts.
"He can be a bit pacy in training but he always takes care of business in a race and he always gives it all he's got. You have to remeber that he's been racing in a pretty low class, then we won a race where he made SEK 80.000 three starts ago and he went up in class after that" says Steen Juul. 
How would you describe the horse?
"Small but strong and tough. He's not all that easy to handle, he's a bit study". 

Fits the class perfectly
Elephant's most recent start was in a 3,140 meter race with only five starters where he finished second.
"He got locked in behind the leader and was completely unused as he crossed the wire" says Steen Juul.
That second place means that Elephant fits the class perfectly in V86-5 on Wednesday where there's a 20 meter handicap for horses who have made SEK 300,001 or more lifetime. Elephant stands at SEK 295,493. 
What are your thoughts on the distance, 3 140 meters?
"He had no problems with that distance in his last start. Even if he sat in the pocket, he was unused as we crossed the wire". 
From post posituon one, are you looking for the lead?
"If I can I would like to race him in the lead, but I don't know the opponents that well. My horse isn't super quick but he can leave OK". 
"I've raced him in the lead once before at Jägersro and he won that time" Steen Juuls tells us. 
Are you making any chances for this start?
"Yes, he will race barefoot behind, last time he raced with shoes. He's a bit better without them". 
What can you tell the betting public?
"I don't know the opponents well enough but I believe in my horse".