V86® preview: Now the bettors are aware of Bellis

A huge upset last Wednesday at Solvalla.
On Wednesday night Bellis Frontline is racing on V86® again – and now the bettors are aware.
"She is used to racing often and racing back to back weeks now is no problem" says trainer Tomas Pettersson about the five-year-old mare who has shown good form for a long time.

The Bollnäs licensed trainer Tomas Pettersson strikes while the iron is hot and enters Bellis Frontline to V86® at Solvalla for the second time in a week. 
Last Wednesday she made a three-wide move the last 700 meters and won easily for Magnus A Djuse. 
She started with a 20 meter handicap in a race for mares and the bettors overlooked her. This week she starts from post position two behind the gate in V86-4 and more people are now aware of the mare from Bollnäs. 
Tomas Pettersson drives himself on Wednesday. In last week's race he sat behind Thelma M.M. and they got passed by their stable mate shortly before the finish line. 
"I own Thelma so I had to drive her, but I also thought she would have a better chance. When I heard that Bellis had to go without cover three-wide I thought it would be tough for her. Yet, she was the one who came charging late and passed both me and the race favorite just before the wire. She's had good form for a while and she won the biggest race of her career last week" says trainer Tomas Pettersson. 
Bellis Frontline has found a magnificent fall season form. Four starts in September resulted in two wins, one second place and one third place. 
She was only on 1.7 percent of the V86 ticktes last week and she will be one of the favorites this week. 
Tomas Pettersson claims to know what it takes to win at this level. 
"I know the margins are very slim and the difference between winning and finsihing fifth isn't much. So since she won last week she will probably finish fifth this week! All jokes aside, her form is still good and racing back to back weeks is no problem for her. But it's an even field and she needs to be good on Wednesday and she needs to get a decent trip to win again". 
Last week she was tough and won even though she had many lengths to make up the last 700 meters when she attacked. Bellis Frontline has the right attitude and a somewhat bumpy way of trotting. She is a hard worker.
"She is a big and heavy mare, that's why she trots the way she does. But she is pretty fast too and she tries hard. It feels like she has been good for a long time without getting the results to back it up. That's why I feel that these last results are well deserved. She is owned by a real trotting fan and I don't think he has owned that many horses over the years. Now, him and his family finally bought a horse which they wanted to for a long time and she must be a fun to horse to own the way she has been racing lately. I think they bought her in March this year" says Tomas Pettersson. 
She likes 1,640 meters and compared to lat week she has a very good post position now. Can she get to the front? 
"I don't know how fast the others can leave but I'm sure she can get a good position at least. She seems to have come out of last week's race well and she is used to racing back to back weeks. She will go with the same kind of shoeing. She has been better without shoes behing, but she won with shoes on last week so we will go the same way again".