V86® Super Days V86 (Thursday): Pettersson has two hot chances

V86® instead of V64®.
Thursday is the start of a new betting idea as ATG moves along with V86® Super Days.
Bollnäs and Kalmar are the two tracks splitting the V86 card.
"I hope for wire-to-wire" says one of the key trainers.

Wednesday night marks the start of V86 Super Days, but since that is a regular V86 race night, you could say that the real start comes on Thursday.
That's when the Wednesday format is in play, with two tracks, this time Bollnäs and Kalmar, splitting the V86 card which starts at 20:30. 
With a break over the weekend, V86 continues to lighten up the evenings leading up to the big finale on Wednesday night, September 1 with a multi jackpot. 

Better with that start in her legs
One of the trainers racing at Kalmar is Stefan P Pettersson. 
He is sending out three starters on V86, two of them should be considered win candidates accoring to the trainer. 
"10 Yankee Boy (V86-1) is struggling to find the right form. The hope is for him to follow along and make some money and he is nothing for the bettors to worry about this time, but my other two starters need to be taken seriously" says Pettersson whose quick-footed mare 11 I'm A Believer (V86-5) finished fifth in her return last time out. 
"I have to say that I thought she would perform better. She was dull, she usually isn't after a layoff. But we had trained her a bit heavier and a bit less than usual, so in hindsight I should have trained her a heat at the track" says Pettersson who is optimistic about the Thursday start. 
"She got that heat at the track in her last start and I count on her being in better form now. She feels good at home and I'm pretty optimistic. Normally she should be able to beat most of these mares and maybe even end up battling for the win".

"At least as good form"
It sounds at least as good when Pettersson talks about 6 Hipster Am (V86-7), who has struggled in the turns but he worked out fine at Sweden's only mile track Tingsryd when he went wire-to-wire in his last start. 
"It was ideal with the bigger turns there but I think he functioned better overall. We had changed the equipment and added a Murphy blind to the blind bridle. He was a bit slower out of the gate, but I think it stopped him from raising his head and made him trot better in the turns. He will race the same way on Thursday and I hope it will work out well on a smaller track too. He has trained well at home after his last start and should be in at least as good form as he was then".
How do you like his chances?
"I hope he will go wire-to-wire again, but I'm not sure if he can make it to the lead. Either way he should be considered a win candidate" says Stefan P Pettersson.