V86® Super Days V86 (Tuesday): Thule’s new winning machine chases four in a row

In a few weeks he turns 80.
But Thule Jonsson continues to produce nice horses. When V86 comes to Umåker on Tuesday, the Nestor of the home track sends out his winning machine Gurra Palema.
“I guess he will be the favorite based on his recent performances and I think he should be”.

Four-year-old gelding 1 Gurra Palema (V86-8) made the move from the Axevalla area to Västerbotten in northern Sweden last winter and the trotter seems to really enjoy the air up north. For trainer Thule Jonsson the horse has won five races since May and he currently has a three race long win streak. On Tuesday he is the likely favorite in Nya Umåkermästaren with SEK 100,000 to the winner. 
“I have no complaints when it comes to my horse. He has really raced well, since I bought him back back in February/March. It took a couple months before I could race him after he had stepped on himself, but after that everything has gone smoothly. He likes it up here, but who doesn’t?” says Thule Jonsson who has his stable in Röbäck, just a stone throw from Umåker racetrack. 
Gurra Palema seems to be a tough horse. All of his last three wins have come after being parked outside the leader. Sandra Eriksson has done the driving at all three wins and she is in the sulky on Tuesday too. 
“I jog him a lot and I train him some too, in between starts. That’s my usual setup. He’s a big horse and he needs to build muscles. He has won five out of eight starts for me, plus he was second once, but I hope he hasn’t hit the ceiling yet…”
How is post position one for him? 
“I wished for post position one and we got it. I think it will work out well, he has had the inside post twice and has held up the lead both times. He likes an even pace throughout the race, since he’s a strong horse and doesn’t have that quick turn of foot”. 
Sounds like a good chance to win again? 
“He’s one of the horses who should be able end up battling for the win. I guess he will be the favorite based on his recent performances and I think he should be”. 
What are your future plans for the horse?
“I usually say that I take one race at a time, but we have V75 at Skellefteå in the beginning of October and after that there’s V75 at Solänget on October 16. If he stays this sound and fresh I might try him there. But like I said, I’ll take one start at a time. I’ve been in the business for so long, I know that anything can happen”. 
October 16 isn’t just any day. That’s the day Thule Jonsson turns 80. Maybe Gurra Palema can take care of the birthday celebrations then.