V86® Super Days (wednesday): Janisels on the run at Solvalla again

After the fun years with Jeepster, amateur trainer Monica Janisels is back at it again with a new family horse.
The Italian-born Zenone Bar has won seven races for her — four of them at Monica's home track Solvalla.
"I absolutely think he should be considered early again" says Janisels about her horse racing on V86® Super Days on Wednesday.

It´s time for V86® Super Days. Starting on wednesday august 25 with six V86 cards in eight days, leading up to a final with a multi jackpot on Wedensday, September 1.

Monica Janisels is the police officer who discovered harness racing and got off to a flying start as an amateur trainer with the horse Jeepster, who she bred and raised herself. 
The mare made SEK 1.4 million which by far exceeded any expectations she had on her when she went to school to get her amateur license in 2004-2005. 
"You could say that she is the one who has taught me all I know. I had been an owner in the sport before, but I didn't know much about the practical things before Jeepster turned up. She loved to race and she is very intellegent and stubborn. That's what made her so good, I guess" says Monica Janisels, who trains at the farm Simlom in Norrtälje. 
A few years ago she retired from being a police officer and she now has plenty of time to spend on her horses every day. 
Zenone Bar is the name of the new hobby horse. He is a six year old Italian-born stallion by Varenne. The horse came to Monica Janisels in the spring of 2019 and after 26 starts in her training he has won seven races. 
"We bough the horse when he was going to return to Italy from Simlom, after having come here the year before. Joseph Taavela Ruocco who drives the horse came to Simlom with his father and they set up their stable there. When the father was moving back home to Italy and taking Zenone Bar with him, we said stop! The horse is so beautiful and we wanted to keep seeing him every day. So my family and the neighbor family bought him" says Monica Janisels.
Second straight at Solvalla?
Christer Nyström drove the horse to victory in an amateur race at Solvalla two weeks ago. Zenone Bar won very easily after being allowed to set a slow pace in the lead. 
On Wednesday the Italian stallion comes out in a leg of the apprentice series Guldklockan (V86-4) at Solvalla. A race day where V86 returns to it's usual post time of 20:30 with two tracks sharing the card. 
The 24-year-old Joseph Taavela Ruocco has won three races together with Zenone Bar. 
Monica Janisels is hoping number four comes on Wednesay. 
"His last start was a walk in the park and he showed good form, but this is a tougher race. The fact that the drivers will drive on a bit more to collect points in the series opens up more possibiites for us which is good" she says. 
Zenone Bar is a strong horse and from post position two behind the gate he might be able to get to the lead after a while.
"I think it looks good on paper. If he doesn't make the lead he should get a good trip, second or third over. Joseph might make a move once the dust has settled" says Monica Janiels. 
Equipment-wise, how will he race this time?
"He will race the same as he has done lately, barefoot, with an open bridle and in an American sulky. I absolutely think he should be considered early again. He is under development and as long as he stays sound he will keep getting better and better I think". 
Are you applying the Jeepster-training on Zenone Bar?
"Pretty much the same, yes! I train him every other day and it works out well". 
Jeepster raced until she turned ten and was too old to race. Her last start was on December 26 at Solvalla. How is she doing today?
"She is doing great. She became a mom for the first time this year. She had a filly by Googoo Gaagaa named Easy Action" says the retired police officer Monica Janisels. 

Writer's note: On Wednesday V86 returns to it's usual post time of 20:30 with races split between two two racetracks. Wednesday is also the start of 'V86 Super Days' with six V86 cards in eight days, leading up to a final with a multi jackpot on Wedensday, September 1.