V86® Super Days™ with multi jackpot 2 September

Six rounds in eight days with a grand final on 2 September.
For the first time, ATG is holding V86® Super Days™ with multi jackpot.
"Our big Wednesday races have grown for several years, and with V86 Super Days we hope to have even more people discover the thrill of V86," says Nicklas Jonsson, Head of Horse Betting at ATG.

To increase the chances of a big pot on 2 September, ATG is adjusting its jackpot rules. Between 6 May and 5 August, 20 per cent of the value of all V86® jackpots are accumulated in the 8 win pot for 2 September, when Solvalla and Åby are sharing the races.

From 12 August, the full amount of all jackpots are added to the grand final of V86 Super Days™.

Interest in V86 has increased steadily over the past few years and in 2019, there were 80 six-figure prizes paid out, which is a record.

"Eight races in 90 minutes, a chance to become a millionaire, and two venues sharing the events have been the key to our success. Considering the situation that we are all facing right now, where we have to take things day by day, it is hard to predict the future, but we plan to end the summer with a great V86 celebration," says Nicklas Jonsson.

The following events are part of V86 Super Days:

  • Wednesday 26 August, Solvalla/Åby.
  • Thursday 27 August, Bollnäs/Örebro.
  • Friday 28 August, Bergsåker/Bjerke.
  • Monday 31 August, Romme/Halmstad.
  • Tuesday 1 September, Solänget/Axevalla.
  • Wednesday 2 September, Solvalla/Åby

Temporary adjustment of jackpot rules for V86

Between 6 May and 5 August 2020, ATG reserves 20 per cent of the value of all created V86 jackpots, adding the reserve to the 8-pick pot on 2 September 2020. Between 12 August and 1 September 2020, the full value of created V86 jackpots are added to the 8 win pot on 2 September 2020.

Current jackpots and jackpot rules can be found here.