V86®: "The big goal is Stochampionatet"

Deborah S.H. was a heroic runner-up in the Queen's Trophy.
Fredrik Persson is now looking for quick revenge in Prix Diana Zet (V86-8).
"She feels very good and I think she has a good chance to win".

Fredrik Persson has trained and developed several millionaires and the fillies and mares have excelled the most. It started with Marcon Lady who won a Breeders Crown final. Viola Silas was by far the queen of her crop and won several big stakes. Ultra Bright was also among the best of her crop and her biggest victory came in Stochampionatet 2017.
"I think my sand track training suits the fillies and mares. It's pretty heavy and they build a lot of muscle which makes them more durable and able to race more. I have copied a little bit of how Magnus Sandgren trained his horses and he also developed several nice mares".
Deborah S.H. is the next girl to show off her talent. She started her career sort of in the background and she started coming close to the top fillies at the end of her three-year-old campaign, last year.
"She has excelled with the training and has risen to each challenge and she has also stayed sound and healthy, which is necessary if you want to keep up with the best. She keeps progressing constantly and she is getting stronger and stronger".

"She has a terrific attitude"
Deborah S.H. showed in her seasonal debut that she had hibernated well and won despite a tough first over trip. Her next start was the Queen's Trophy elimination and once again, Deborah S.H. came up huge to win after a strong 700 meter long rally, three-wide. In the final, the four-year-old mare came up with her best effort so far when she finished second to Chebba Mil.
"She was fantastic and she fought tough and I was very pleased with her effort. She has a terrific attitude and she always gives her all. She differs from my other good mares in that sense, that she doesn't have the same muscle mass, but it doesn't matter, she can trot fast and she has everything a good racehorse should have".

A great race card
On Wednesday, V86® goes at Solvalla and they offer a great race card. Prix Diana Zet is a newly founded race for four-year-old mares with a first prize of SEK 400,000 and Fredrik Persson is making the 500 kilometer long trip (one way) with great expectations.
"I have a good feeling about this race. We gave Deborah S.H. some time off after her last start, but after that she has trained as usual and she feels very good. She is not trained to be in top form for this start, the big goal with her is Stochampionatet and this sits perfect in the calendar before the eliminations. She has shown that she doesn't need a start to be sharp and she usually races well even after a layoff".
In her last start, Deborah S.H. showed off another good feature. The ability to leave the gate.
"I tried her with a can't-see-back bridle and it worked out well, she left much faster than she has done before. I haven't decided yet if she will race with that again on Wednesday, it depends on how she acts in the warm up. If she is too lazy, she will race with that bridle again. If not, she will race open".
"I will try to leave with her from that good post and I hope to get past Glorious Rain and maybe they will let me go to the lead. Of course, I race her to win, but I won't get into any crazy battle. There are many nice races that I hope she can race in".