V86®: "Very quick out of the gate and I want the lead"

Preben Sövik is in top form and he makes the trip to Gotland on Wednesday.
Skrubbs racetrack in Visby is hosting V86 and the Jägersro trainer has two starters.
"My best chance is Enfin Pastis. I think we will lead from start to finish".

Preben Sövik is hotter than ever. Two Saturdays ago, he took his first V75 win as a trainer with Bottnas Idol. On top of that, Giannas Love finished second with made it an easy trip home from Axevalla. 
"It was a fantastic day and my biggest accomplishment as a trainer so far. You want to be seen on Saturdays and if you can win on V75, you know you have done something right" Sövik says. 
The Jägersro licensed trainer made sure to get a proper education before going out on his own. After finishing the gymnasium, he made the trip to the U.S. He went to work for Trond Smedshammer, who has built up a strong stable over there. When Preben returned to Sweden, he got a job as an assistant trainer for Lutfi Kolgjini. While working there, he got the opportunity to travel around Europe with many top trotters. He then went on to work for Robert Bergh, also as an assistant trainer. The last couple of years before opening up his own stable, he worked for Ola Samuelsson. 
As of now, Preben trains 25 horses, but more are on their way in. 
"I just shipped out a few yearlings that I broke for Robert Bergh and I am expecting a few two-years-old in, so the stable looks good now" Preben says.

Thoroughbreds in the barn 
The stable also includes four thoroughbreds. Not very common, but in Preben´s case it is not so strange. His girlfriend Nina Lindberg Lensvik is a professional trainer at Jägersro Galopp and she has been doing great lately. 
"We help each other and the key is to have an open mind and to benefit from each other´s knowlegde, we work with horses and there´s a lot in common". 
On Wednesday, Preben makes the trip to Visby and V86 with two horses in top form.
"My best chance is 2 Enfin Pastis (V86-3) who is in excellent form right now. She won easily in her last start and wasn´t tired. Now, that was a cheaper race than what this is. At the same time, she is under development and two starts ago, she was locked in with plenty left against good horses. She is very qucik out of the gate and I want the lead and I think she has a good chance to win from there. I am not making any chances and Enfin Pastis is the big reason I´m making this trip to Gotland". 
Also on the trip is 9 Rotchild (V86-1) who won his last start and comes to Gotland in top form. 
"I have changed up his training routine a bit. He seems to like it and he showed a better attitude in his last start. He has felt good for a long time, but that last little piece has been missing. He still feels very good but the post position is a downer and of course, we need lots of luck. I will be happy if we can finish third or fourth and I am not making any changes on him".