Harry Boy®

Harry Boy® can give you a hand if you don't have knowledge or time to make your own bet, but still want the chance to be a millionaire. Harry Boy is a computerized smart quick pick, designed to help players who feel they do not have enough knowledge or time to analyze races. With a Harry bet the computer picks the horses for you, not at random, but on the basis of other player’s betting. This means that the bet generated will embrace both favorites and longshots.

Harry Boy is offered on the main products of V75®, V86®, V64®, V65®, V5® and V4®. It is also possible to make some own picks, mark the desired investment and let Harry Boy fill up the rest of the bet – combine your own skills together with Harry.

The record payout ever with Harry Boy on V75 is SEK 20 680 million (€ 2,3 million).