V65® is held every Friday lunch (day) race meeting usually on racetrack Solvalla outside Stockholm and selected Saturday evenings. You should pick the winning horse in six predetermined races (legs). Consolation payouts are paid out bettors who selected five winners.


V65 is a Pick6 and to calculate the cost of a bet simply multiply the number of horses you picked in all six legs with the minimum stake. At below example we picked five horses in first leg, single mark in second, five again in third, single mark in fourth, three in leg five and finally four horses in last leg.

To calculate your cost:

  • Multiply your picks to determine the number of chosen combinations;
    • (example) 5 x 1 x 5 x 1 x 3 x 4 = 300 combinations;
  • then multiply the number of combinations with the minimum stake; which is
  • 300 combinations x SEK 1.00 = SEK 300; or
  • 300 combinations x 12 euro cents = € 36; or
  • 300 combinations x 20 US/AUS cents = $60.


Launched in year 1974

  • Turnover record: SEK 9,7 million (€ 1,1 million)
  • Payout record: SEK 4,5 million (€ 0,5 million)
  • Dividend for forecasting winners in 6 or 5 races
  • The minimum price per combination is SEK 1.00 (€ 0.12 or $0.20)
  • There is a possibility to bet for only 6 correct
  • The takeout rate is 35 %
  • The percentage share of net pool per dividend category is 50-50
  • Jackpot if nobody picks 6 winners, or if the dividend for 5 winners is less than SEK 20 (€ 2.40 or $4)
    • jackpot money is carried over to the following event 6 correct pool

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